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The Candy Girls,


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Let The Candy Girls serve you up a taste of a bygone era and bring instant vintage glamour to your event or party.


Be transported back in time with The Candy Girls’ vintage show - a rousing tribute to the music of the '40s and '50s, packed with songs from the stars of the day including Glen Miller, The Andrews Sisters, Doris Day and Vera Lynn. The Candy Girls also offer a set of modern day classics performed in this enchanting style.


With authentic costumes, tight choreography and sing-alongs aplenty, The Candy Girls guarantee you'll be shoo-whopping and bee-bopping along to their retro tunes in no time!


The Candy Girls perform at a range of events including weddings, open air events, army bases, social clubs & theatres and are available with a full live band, as a trio with high quality backing tracks and a cappella.




Lady Jane -

our resident starlet

Annie Daisy -

you know that she's crazy!

Lizzy Lou -

you'd better watch out boys...

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