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The Candy Girls,


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The Candy Girls are a 1940's/50's style close-harmony vocal group - their beautifully blended voices will be a delight to any ear, old or young.  


With authentic costumes, tight choreography and sing-alongs aplenty, The Candy Girls guarantee you'll be shoo-whopping and bee-bopping along to their retro tunes in no time!


Reminiscent to the sounds of The Andrews Sisters, Fred Astaire, Vera Lynn, Doris Day & many more unforgettable artists, as well as modern day classics performed in this enchanting style.


The Candy Girls perform at a range of events including weddings, open air events, army bases, social clubs & theatres.




Lady Jane -

our resident starlet

Annie Daisy -

you know that she's crazy!

Lizzy Lou -

you'd better watch out boys...

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